Can I send documents back to that same online email address?

Yes, any requested or required documents can be sent to the email address that responds to your initial request

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1. Where can I get information on an arrest warrant?
2. I filed a Motion and it has been denied by the judge. Can I speak to the judge regarding this matter?
3. I have a court date set. Can I come in and pay my ticket before the court date?
4. I am planning on getting married. Can one of the Municipal Judges perform the services?
5. If I paid my fine and now I want to change the judgment; what should I do?
6. If a family member or friend is held in jail in some other city, on a Class C Garland ticket, can I post a bond or pay the Capias fine at the Municipal Court in Garland?
7. Can I send documents back to that same online email address?
8. When, Where, and How do I pay my Citation?
9. Can I send a fax to request a Court Date or an Extension?
10. Can I get a virtual Court date?
11. My License Plate is attached to a warrant that's not mine, what steps do I take to correct this?
12. I have symptoms of the Corona Virus but I have not been tested, I have a Court date. Should I come in?
13. I just found out a friend tested positive for the Corona Virus. I don't have symptoms but I have spent time with them, Should I still come to Court?