Census 2020

The census is an official count of the U.S. population and households. Garland’s allotment of money for federal programs and its government representation are dependent on the count of its residents.

It is available in 13 languages, including English, Spanish and Vietnamese. By law, the U.S. Census bureau cannot share your information with immigration enforcement agencies or law enforcement agencies. Your response cannot be used to determine your eligibility for government benefits. Data is protected for 72 years.

Here are some important dates in the process:

March 12-20: Invitations to participate in the census begin with mailed letters.

March 16-24: A reminder letter will be mailed.

March 23-June 30: Residents will be asked to respond to the census; self-response at census.gov is preferred, but you can also ask for a paper copy or take the census by telephone.

March 26-April 3: A reminder postcard will be mailed.

April 1: Census Day is nationally observed as a date by which you should have received an invitation to participate in the census.

April 8-16: Follow-up to non-responders will begin, and reminder postcards may also be sent.

April 20-27: A final postcard will be sent before an in-person follow-up. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the in-person follow-ups to addresses of non-responders are being delayed.

September 2020: Area census offices close.

Dec. 31: Constitutional deadline for census completion.

Visit the U.S. Census Bureau and Dallas County Census websites for more information.